GATE360™ Click & Go 

Click & Go

The perfect companion for your Tersano SAO unit

GATE360™ Click & Go is made from the highest standard of stainless steel and manufactured by HILTOP corporation in Kokkola Finland who are certificated with EN 1090-2008+A1:2011, EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 paragraph 6.3, EN 1090-3:2008 standard.

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Why Click & Go

To progress the chemical-free cleaning movement for a better future. What we want to approach you about, is that in addition to selling the great Tersano solution, we have based on client requests developed a wall-mountable 'rack' to improve usability and look-and-feel of Tersano. 

This addiotional Click&Go for the Tersano unit gives that look.

With all tubes behind a front lid well protected. And  where you acctually can put your own label and logo. Just give us a call, and we make it happen.

We are shipping Click&Go to the European market

Click&Go are packed

2 pcs/box

  • Easy to install mounting plate

  • Quick assembly time

        • Made from stainless steel

        • Professional look

        • High quality

        It,s all about the look

        European made for European customers

        All European product - We looking forward to here from you - Proudly manufactured in the EU

        Germany - United kingdom - Switzerland - Andorra - Belgium - Montenegoro - Finland - Italia - Hungary - Moldova - Liechtenstein - Malta - San Marino - Slovakia - Croatia - Estonia - Belarus - Creece - Latvia - Denmark - Portugal - Albania - Lithuania - Bosnia Hertzegovina - Spain - Poland - Norway - Russia - Netherlands - Czeck Republic - Romania - Sweden - Austria - Ireland - Serbia - France - Bulgaria - Monaco - North Makedonia - Luxembourg - Iceland - Slovenia - Ukraine

        Do to Ukraine war we don,t delivery Click&Go to Russia